Unofficial English clammbon fansite


Clammbon has announced another tour for this year and a third direct-sale release, Moment e.p. 3! These “farm-to-table” albums are hard to get ahold of for anyone outside of Japan; personally I’ve had to call in favors and wait for people to have time to mail them out, but they’re some of the best music the band has ever made.

(Hello! I haven’t posted a thing since moving to California for my new job after the 2016 Japan trip, and having a brand new kiddo in my life! But the last two nights I’ve stayed up late watching the new crowdfunded Yaon concert film and the livestreamed mini-concert for backers, and reconnected with just how important this band has been to me over the last 18 years. I’m back on the job! At least, as much as work and tiny child will allow me to be.)