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Here is some fun news: Ikuko has collaborated with Thai comic book artist Wisut Ponnimit on an album of folky acoustic songs called Baan — that means “home”, according to some Thai-speaking friends of mine (who have also offered to help translate any songs that contain Thai for us).

Check out the promo video:

It looks like Ikuko has come a long way from the scene in En where she puts on a guitar for the very first time!

There is also a guest appearance by Pod, from a band called Moderndog which is apparently very popular in Thailand.

The release date is December 4, and it will be commemorated by a live performance at Ikuko’s cafe, Kichimu. The physical release looks to be a deluxe affair, with a CD and DVD, and a book of Ponnimit’s art. It’s not clear yet whether the album will be available on iTunes internationally, but it does look like Ototoy will have it.

You can see more, including the video for “Soft Cream” at

Update: Looks like it is on iTunes Japan but not iTunes USA. If you buy at Ototoy, you’ll get a huge PDF of the booklet with super-cute art and official English lyric translations.