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Hi! Just a few things.

The two new best compilations are out as of April 20th. Both have limited editions that come with live DVDs. And if you buy both, you can send away the included slips to get a bonus CD with the songs Eiketsu no Asa Shou and Tasogare. But you’ll probably need to provide a Japanese address, and you’ll have to postmark it by May 31st.

The official clammbon site has been totally refreshed! It is more modern, more fun, and more clammbon. Check it out!

Mito is coming out with a fourth solo project album. The title is DAWNS and will be released under the name Mito, unlike his previous efforts which each had unique artist names. Also, there will be a two-disc set of songs from various musicians that Mito has written, produced, remixed, or otherwise worked on over the years: Mito archive 1999-2010. Watch for both of these May 18th.

Miss Ikuko has started using Twitter, and almost every tweet is like a little poem. She’s @ooo195ooo. Also, if you haven’t been following Mito, he’s @micromicrophone.

One last thing: I dug up my old Akismet key and deleted the 2,000 spam comments in the queue, and now comments are back on. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for your support.