Unofficial English clammbon fansite

Don't buy Re-clammbon e.p. on iTunes yet!

Wow, Mito-san himself just posted on the official clammbon site (at 3 in the morning!) about a problem with the iTunes version of the Re-clammbon e.p. Re-Re-Surround is supposed to be about 7 minutes long, but for some reason the iTunes version stops at 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Folks at clammbon and Apple are looking into the problem, and they hope to have it fixed soon.

Until you see a track time of 6:59 or 7:00 on the iTunes store listing, Mito has asked that you refrain from buying. If you have already bought, they will try to find a way to get the correct version of the song to you.

Thanks clammbon, and particularly Mito, for taking action so promptly! I’ve already bought my copy, but I hope some folks can be spared the inconvenience. I trust that clammbon’s dedication to their fans will get this sorted out soon.