Unofficial English clammbon fansite


Hello friends — here’s hoping you are all staying safe and listening to cozy music at home. I’m updating this site only infrequently as I get busier and as the associated Facebook group gets more active and easier to casually share news on. But this news seems to deserve a proper update!

First check out the band’s new monastic promo photo~

The new song “Yamibitoshirazu” is up on subscription services! Here’s some more detail from Mito about the new song that may help you appreciate what the band is doing here.

This is the first song in a new series meant to complement the “Moment” series. If “Moment” was all about distributing to fans directly at shows and having the fans distribute directly to each other at their own businesses, then this new series “Element” is about online-only releases and happens to be especially suited to the world’s current situation. This song was made in Mito’s home studio, with the band collaborating largely remotely. Because of the nature of the collaboration, in this series we’ll be hearing a new sound that differs from the live “band sound” we’re used to.

The official English title is “Fluttering”, and Mito posted on Instagram that he’s pleased to see it getting attention from overseas! It feels excellent indeed to know that the band is thinking of us and appreciates our support.