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includes performances at Yomiuri Land in September 2012 and rehearsals at none to cat studio
subtitles available

  1. Ana no Naka (Acoustic sound)
  2. Chicago (Band sound)
  3. Hanare Banare (Acoustic sound)
  4. Long Song (none to cat)
  5. Surround (none to cat)
  6. Lullabye Sarabai (Acoustic sound)
  7. id (Acoustic sound)
  8. no one really cares (Acoustic sound)
  9. Vital Sign (Band sound)
  10. Ahoj! (Band sound)
  11. tiny pride (Acoustic sound)
  12. KANADE Dance (Band sound)
  13. Rough & Laugh (Band sound)
  14. Folklore (Acoustic sound)
  15. Aru Kodou (Band sound)