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Foreign fans represented on Ryougoku DVD!

I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even get a chance to watch the Ryougoku Kokugikan concert until this week. It was exciting to see that after the encore break, Mito and Ikuko asked if anyone in the audience had come from very far away. They heard from some of the most distant parts of Japan, like Fukuoka and Hokkaidou. But then, someone from Taiwan chimed in! Mito asked if anyone came from farther than Taiwan, and this fellow turned out to be from the UK!

IMG 0344

What a happy thing it is to have a native English-speaking fan acknowledged on an official Clammbon recording. Thanks to the band for giving him such a warm welcome, and thanks to you, Super Tall British Guy, for representing us foreign fans!

The whole concert is a purely joyful celebration of the sort you’ve probably come to expect from the band by now. One of these years my Japan trip will match up with a big Clammbon show! It must!