Unofficial English clammbon fansite


Hi! I just wanted to brag that I somehow found Kujirammbon, clammbon’s old old EP, brand new at the Tower Records at Shinjuku station south exit. I also picked up THE NEW SONG single, with clammbon’s newest original material. Kujirammbon is kind of weird. The songs are classic early-clammbon excellence, though the rougher version of “Pan to Mitsu wo Meshiagare” caught me off-guard. The packaging has young clammbon looking strange and calling themselves names like “Hatching Haachiko-sensei” (Miss Ikuko) and “Daisuke Number 110”. Now I have 99 distinct clammbon songs (including different arrangements, but not including live versions or instrumental versions), and as far as I know there are only six recorded clammbon songs I don’t own, from various singles and a compilation: “Mitsubachi”, “OR→”, “←ON”, “Uruwashi no Kiss Scene”, “Doredakedemo”, and “Moriwatari”. And I guess, the original versions of “Time Limit” and “Our Songs”.