Here I Go ✈️

Hello friends! Things have been tremendously hectic for me lately, so I have barely had a moment to think about the site. (And I am not ignoring your emails!) But there has been some news in the Clammbon world.

Right now the band is in the midst of the awkwardly-titled Venue-Sale-Only Mini-Album Tour! The five-song EP, titled Moment, can only be bought at a tour venue on the day of a concert. Some shows include a signing, at which anyone who has bought a qualifying merchandise item can meet the band and have it autographed!

I was pretty broken up about this whole thing, when I thought there was zero chance I could go. But a lot of circumstances aligned such that I’m taking off for Tokyo tomorrow, and on March 4 I’ll be making a one-night excursion to Mito city in Ibaraki prefecture for a Clammbon show, with signing!

There are some other Clammbon-related excursions planned for this trip, too. Stay tuned for updates!