Unofficial English clammbon fansite


Hello, everyone. I have some news items.

First, it sounds like the Clammbon band and staff are all okay in the aftermath of the disaster that hit Japan this month. We can be thankful for that.

It sounds like the two new best albums have been delayed, though, as the production line has been affected. Columbia Best is now due April 20, and there doesn’t seem to be a date for Warner Best.

Clammbon’s song “Vital Sign” appears on the impressively quickly-compiled Play For Japan series at Ototoy. All of the proceeds go to disaster relief, so you might want to buy a few of them, or the whole pack, and get exposed to some new music in the process.

Mito personally composed a little song for the earthquake victims, titled 312. Again, you can pick that up at Ototoy. Proceeds from that go to relief, too. You can watch its original performance on YouTube.

Miss Ikuko appeared on the track “I’ll” by the band L.E.D.; thanks to Hear Japan for the note on my page.

Lastly, as spam has gotten out of control and the free use of Akismet is discouraged anymore, I have turned off comments. They weren’t that commonly used anyway, and I am still happy to receive email.

Thanks for your continuing support. Be well.