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Ikuko news

Here’s some stuff that Ikuko has been up to lately.

New on the discography page is the soundtrack that Ikuko created for a stage adaptation of the comic book Cocoon by Kyou Machiko. The album is available on Ototoy along with your choice of one of four special illustrations. Many of the songs are arrangements of existing Harada Ikuko or Clammbon songs, or covers of other acts. This seems to be the first release on which Ikuko plays a significant amount of strings; she has guitar, bass, and cello credits on various tracks.

You can also watch some clips of Ikuko on the new TV show Artist with Ômiya Ellie. She performs “Ginga” with a jazzy middle section by herself, then Ellie and Ikuko perform a really sweet violin & piano piece that they wrote together called “Kawaru”.