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How to Buy

There are several ways to get ahold of clammbon releases outside of Japan. If you use one of the following links, any purchase you make will help support this site; I promise to use that money on more Clammbon products to document here! (Don’t worry, I am not getting filthy rich on this; I think I make about $1 per year.) Thanks!

If you’re looking for the Moment EPs in particular, your best bet is to go through a proxy service like White Rabbit Express. They’re intentionally not available anywhere except for specific local shops that have agreed to carry them, so you’ll literally be paying someone to go out into town and walk into a bakery or a gallery or something and buy CDs for you. A couple of your fellow Dramatickers have used WRE for this and found them to be an expensive but reliable and helpful service.


For real savings and convenience, you can find recent Clammbon, Harada Ikuko, and Mito releases on iTunes, available in several countries!

ototoy_logo Ototoy is a fantastic Japanese digital music store that has partnered closely with Clammbon to release greater-than-CD-quality versions of their recent releases. The site’s encouragement of exploration and weekly free tracks has helped me discover a lot of new music, too. They don’t have a referral program, so this is just a normal link. You no longer need much Japanese knowledge to set up an account; just click the green 新規会員登録 button in the upper right, and the rest of the process has English hints. And best of all, they accept credit cards from anywhere!

logo For physical media I have tended to use YesAsia, because their prices are right, they have good service, and they often offer free shipping.

logo_cdj Some folks prefer CDJapan for their CD needs.