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Nearly all of the music I’ve discovered in the past decade has been directly or indirectly connected to clammbon. After some correspondence with other fans keen to hear more music with the same sort of sincerity and charm, I started compiling this recommendations page. If you’re looking for something beyond clammbon and their side projects, give some of these a listen!

Spangle call Lilli line — Discovered when Mito was interviewed along with a member of toe and a member of this band for Ototoy. Haunting & hypnotizing ethereal rock music. If you love clammbon’s earnest, exploratory approach to music, this is my strongest recommendation. I am almost tempted to start a ScLl fan page like this one…

Hanaregumi — Discovered on account of him hanging out with clammbon all the time, appearing on their albums and vice versa. Participated in the ohana side project with Harada Ikuko. Folksy, heartfelt acoustic-guitar-based music.

SUPER BUTTER DOG — Hanaregumi’s old funk band. Kinda goofy and lots of fun.

Kuuki Koudan — Their drummer Ôta Kôji is part of The Sun Calls Stars with Itou Daisuke. Pretty calming, gentle stuff.

Sour — They got a lot of attention for the viral video of their song Hibi no Neiro, which is what got me into them too. But as it turns out, their Water Flavor EP was produced by Mito! According to my audio-engineering friends, you can really hear his production style in it.

Ametsub — His remix of Ame on the JAPANESE MANNER EP should give you a good taste of his minimal, glitchy, sampley electronic composition.

toe — Mito produced their New Sentimentality EP, and Harada Ikuko appeared on the track After Image on their For Long Tomorrow album. Precise, driving, Tortoise-like “post-rock”.

Polaris — Ôya Yuusuke was a member of ohana; this is his main act. Pretty dreamy, dub-style music.

Furukawa Honpo — He got his start as a Vocaloid musician, but has since started releasing albums featuring a variety of human vocalists from famous acts. He has worked with the vocalists for Spangle call Lilli line, Kuuki Koudan, and Advantage Lucy.

L.E.D. — A large ensemble doing some pretty otherworldly instrumental music, but occasionally featuring guest vocals. Harada Ikuko appeared on their song “I’ll”.

Magokoro Brothers — Discovered via clammbon’s cover of Summer Nude. Straightforward 90s Japanese rock & roll.

YUKI — Ex-JUDY AND MARY singer. Discovered independently of clammbon, but it turns out that Mito produced and played bass for Hoshi ni Nore on her solo debut.

The Soft Machine — British avant-garde rock/jazz fusion band from the late ’60s. Some of their fans contacted me when a clammbon performance of their song As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still appeared online.

Also check out… All the artists mentioned in the Clammbon Guide Book interviews; all the artists whose songs are covered on Lover Album and Lover Album 2; all the artists that appear on Why Not Clammbon!?, and all the artists that appear on Mito Archive!

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