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Mito's anime album picks

Mito-san Select

Mito has a special display up at Tower Records Shinjuku to show off his favorite anime music.

That’s even my Tower Records, from when I lived in that area and whenever I go back to Tokyo. If I were standing in the store right now, I’d probably be tempted to drop the ¥35000 to get them all at once.

My more anime-aware friends have helped me figure them all out:

  1. Patlabor the Movie OST Album INQUEST
  2. Macross Frontier Vocal Collection Nyantama
  3. Zegapain OST 2
  4. Lucky Star Character Song Album Vol. 11: Kanata and Soujirou
  5. Aso Natsuko - Programming for Non-Fiction
  6. Hakuyoku no Seiyaku ~Pure Engagement~/Onnaji Kimochi
  7. Kobato OST 2
  8. Hidama~buru
  9. Toyosaki Aki - Boku wo Sagashite

Related selections:

  1. Aso Natsuko - Movement of Magic
  2. marble - Senritsu no Yukue, Sora no Kanata
  3. Sphere - Now loading…SKY!!
  4. Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS OST