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Re-clammbon 2 track list!

Get ready: Re-clammbon 2 will be released June 3! Here’s the full track list from the official clammbon site:

  1. Re-Re-Chicago
  3. Re-Bass, Bass, Bass
  4. Re-Imi wa Nai
  5. Re-Re-Hanakaoru Aru Hi
  6. Re-090
  7. Re-Folklore
  8. Re-Ame
  9. Re-Re-Surround
  10. Re-Mellotron
  11. Re-Ahoj! (full version) Plus!! Preorders received before April 20 come with a DVD of in-studio footage and different audio for the entire album! This will be clammbon’s first release on their own Tropical label. It seems that not only are they getting used to working together in the studio again with this project, they’ll be able to release their next album on a fresh new label of their own making!