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Rest in peace Nujabes

Many clammbon fans have come to know Nujabes, and vice versa, via his remix of “Folklore”. Nujabes was recently killed in a car accident, and several musicians have offered messages of farewell. Here is what Mito had to say. (Thanks to Bob Ross, who pointed it out.)

“Hey Mito-kun. How have you been? Find any good music lately?”
“Let’s make something together soon. All right?”

Whenever we talked on the phone, those were the words he always started and finished with

Then, I took it all for granted,

Like I thought it would last forever

I always believed we’d be able to make wonderful music

And now, I didn’t recognize the peace those exchanges signified,

Until he was gone I still haven’t found the words to say goodbye

It was such a sudden thing, I still need time


While he may be gone,

his music,

is still here and connecting us to him

I will continue to listen to this music for a long… long time,

And so that I might be able to create even a single drop of the sound we made together during that time,

I want to keep making music

The finest of artists, the finest of friends

Now, just be at peace

2010 3/19 am 4:08  clammbon mito