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SUPER☆STAR free download; JAPANESE MANNER e.p.; music videos on the way

There’s a lot of news in clammbon-land right now…

First, the free, high-quality download of SUPER☆STAR is available! At least, it is supposed to be, but the Ototoy site seems to be down at the moment. Check it out some time within the next week to get your copy.

The JAPANESE MANNER e.p. will be available exclusively on iTunes starting April 28. No word yet whether it’ll be available on international iTunes stores, or just the Japan one, but recent clammbon and Harada Ikuko releases have been pretty widely available. Once a cover is available, I’ll add it to the releases page; until then, here’s the track list:

  2. Joutai no Highway (2006 @ Yaon feat. BIKKE)
  3. Eiketsu no Asa Shou (2009 @ Matsumoto Piccadilly Hall)
  4. Re-Ame -Amestub Remix-
  5. Re-Ahoj! (2009 @ Tokyo NHK Hall)

Mito-san has posted two more clips to his YouTube account, this time documenting the filming of a music video on top of a snowy mountain. On the topic of music videos, the band just announced that they will be making videos for every song on the new album!

Wowowowow, clammbon fans~